Avant Garde is new or unusual and experimental ideas in the arts.


I wanted each photograph to stand out and showcase Avant Garde. My goal was not to just edit a photo, but to transform the photo. I wanted to make sure each photo blurred the lines of a normal photograph to an abstract piece of art. By doing this I had to incorporate different techniques such as different image adjustments and experimental layouts. The most important component of my designs is typography.


My goal for this concentration was to show off skills of how make text visibly appealing with complex backgrounds. I challenged myself to transform simple text into art, and I feel as though my techniques can challenge and change the idea that graphic design is more than just advertising, but graphic design can be used as abstract digital art. The beauty of art is there are no limits of what a artist can do or make, however to me I will always be inspired by the idea of Avant Garde, it is truly inspiring when a artist can be unique and experimental.

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