My goal for Freedom Apparel is to show not only that I have found my identity as a designer but to show a creative process that is intricate and well planned out from the start to the end product.


In my portfolio you will see the two- dimensional logos that helped shape the brand identity.  Additionally, I screen printed my own shirts for the models for the photography used in the advertisements.  These pictures as well as the black and white street scenes are examples of my original photography. My goal for Freedom Apparel is to create an end product that showcases my design work in a real city scene.


Freedom Apparel represents a strong fearless person who is not afraid to step out of the box and take risks as shown through the bold street settings and high color contrasts of black, white, and red. My vision of the brand also represents me as designer. I want to leave an impact on the world of design, and I hope to someday have my designs in large scale advertisement campaigns. 


519 Rosebush Lane Oswego IL